Rent automotive tools online: How does that actually work…?

Here you can find out everything about renting automotive tools in our online store.


MOBILITY MARKET’s digital tool cabinet offers a new service for all  #Meisterzangler – from professional to hobby mechanic – under the motto “Rent automotive tools instead of buying them”.

And when something is new, there are questions. In this post, we want to answer the ones we’ve received most often from you so far in personal conversations, on the phone and via digital channels.

Rent automotive tools online: How does that actually work…?

In this video you can get a good overview of how MOBILITY MARKET works from a workshop perspective:

1. What about the old mechanic’s wisdom?
You don’t borrow tools?

The need for special tools is increasing, especially in independent workshops and among independent mechanics. Such tool sets are expensive to buy and only pay off if you can use them often enough (? see this blog entry for a calculation example). Therefore, hardly any workshop has a complete set of equipment.

With MOBILITY MARKET, any mechanic can perform all repairs for almost any make and model. Because everyone with us can rent tools cheaply and quickly exactly when they actually need them. This works because we emphasize quality management. From us you get only high quality tools – flawless and ready for use – in top condition. We inspect every toolbox before delivery. This way we make sure that the tool set arrives clean, complete and fully functional. In addition to the parts list, you will also find a QR code to access the appropriate digital repair instructions in each tool kit.

Once you’ve finished the repair and no longer need the tools, it’s just like in any professional workshop: Clean the tool and put it back in its place. Depending on what you’ve chosen, the case will then be picked up overnight from the agreed pickup location or the next day at the start of operations. If you want to know exactly how MOBILITY MARKET’s shipping works, you can find out more under “How can I return the tool?”.

2. Rent tools: How can I order?

You can rent our special tools on a daily basis. You can order in the online store of MOBILITY MARKET, your digital tool cabinet. If you do this by 4:00 p.m., you will have the tool the next working day.

In your digital tool cabinet, you can easily search for the tool you need, just like in a search engine. This is very practical. Especially with vehicle types and models that you have never repaired before, you don’t always know the exact name of the special tool you need. With us, you enter which vehicle you’re working on and which repair you want to carry out, and you’ll be shown all the tool sets required and available for it.

Also very practical: For each rented tool you get access to the matching digital repair manual from the HaynesPro workshop.

3. Rent automotive tools online: What do I need?

If you’re reading this, you already have the most important thing you need: Internet access. Now all you have to do is register in the online store, search for the tools you need in your digital tool cabinet – just like in a search engine – and order them.

If you want to have your tools delivered overnight, it is important that you give us a place to store them when you register. More about this under “How does the registration work?”

4. How do I get to the repair instructions?

Quick and easy: There is a QR code in every MOBILITY MARKET toolbox. You can scan it with your cell phone or tablet to access the repair instructions. And because all roads lead to MOBILITY MARKET, you can also enter via our website and open the repair instructions there.

5. How can I extend the rental period?

Our special tools help you carry out repairs more easily and quickly. You still need it longer than expected? No problem: You can extend your rental until 4:00 p.m. on the last day of the rental period via your MOBILITY MARKET customer account.

And because we are convinced that you will become a quick mechanic with our tools and that an extension will therefore not be necessary, you only pay half the rental fee for the following days.

6. I want to register a customer account: How does it work?

You can create your MOBILITY MARKET account before or after your first order right here. Creating your account is easy and can be done in just five minutes.

If you want, we will typically deliver your tool to you overnight. The only thing you need for the initial registration, in addition to the usual information, are 2-3 photos of the desired location. This saves us all searching: Our delivery person will surely find the right place at night and you will quickly find your tool in the morning. After all, it’s only Easter once a year.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a new customer or registering for the first time, but would like to order right away, please plan a little more time for this first order or call us at +43 (0)1 890 13 980 to be sure that delivery can really be made the next day. For this reason we also recommend to create the customer account in time before the first order.

7. Shipping of automotive tools: How long does the delivery take?

If you order by 4:00 pm, you can start working the next morning. ? Because we deliver overnight. Alternatively – depending on where you are located – a daytime delivery is also possible during the next working day.

By the way: Many workshop operators and mechanics have known us for a long time from the classic, stationary trade. MOBILITY MARKET, on the other hand, is a pure online marketplace for automotive workshop supplies, which requires its own logistics concept. That is why the delivery and collection of MOBILITY MARKET tools is carried out via a logistics channel that is separate from the stationary trade.

8. What are the shipping costs?

Before you place your order, you will always find out how much the shipping costs are in the webshop. It depends on when you want the tool delivered.

The standard shipping is overnight. That means, if you order until 16:00 o’clock, you will find your MOBILITY MARKET toolbox already the next morning at the desired location. With this shipping method you have to expect shipping costs (delivery and pickup) of 20 Euro (excl. VAT) in total.

You don’t have a place for overnight delivery?
No problem. Either have the tool delivered to a 24 hour service (e.g. gas station) or choose the day delivery. This costs a few euros more than standard delivery.

9. How are the tools transported?

Each tool set arrives securely packed in a special MOBILITY MARKET tool box. This is how we deliver your special tools and this is also how we pick them up again.

You can read more about how our case post works under “How can I return the tool?”

10. Can I pick up the tool from you?

No, unfortunately that is not possible.

Many workshop operators and mechanics have known us for a long time from the classic, stationary trade. However, MOBILITY MARKET is a pure online marketplace for automotive professionals. And that requires a corresponding logistics concept. Unfortunately, we therefore do not operate any pick-up stations. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have people: If you want to talk to us, we’d be happy to hear from you on +43 (0)1 890 13 980.

And we are also happy if you stay in touch with us via our social channels. You can follow us on Facebook and on Instagram under this link.

11. Return: How can I return the tool?

When you don’t need the tool anymore, you do it like in any professional workshop: You clean all parts of the tool set and put them back into the corresponding MOBILITY MARKET case.

? To prevent this from becoming a puzzle for you, especially in the case of extensive tool sets, you will find a visual assembly list in the lid of each tool case. This shows you exactly where each part belongs. Finally, simply stick the enclosed return bill on the outside of the case and seal it with the cable tie that is also enclosed. That’s how easy it is to use MOBILITY MARKET’s suitcase mail service.

In case of overnight pickup, the suitcase must be deposited at the agreed pickup location by 11:00 p.m. at the latest. If you have opted for a daytime pickup, the toolbox must be ready in the morning.

12. Can I buy your special tool online?

Buying makes sense if you can use the tool often enough. You can also buy a rented tool set for the price listed. This can also be done easily and quickly online: Add the rented tool set to the shopping cart under “Purchase option” by 4:00 p.m. on the last day of rental and complete the purchase. Now it’s no longer ours, it’s yours.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You always get high quality tools from us – flawless and ready to use – in top condition. You can find out more about our quality management under “What about the old mechanic’s wisdom: You don’t borrow tools?”. However, these are mostly used rental tools. The sale is therefore at a greatly reduced price, but without the possibility of return.

13. What happens if I damage the tool?

During a repair something can happen. If you damage the tool, we ask you to let us know by 16:00 on the day of rental. The best way to do this is

by phone under +43 (0)1 890 13 980 or
via mail at

The costs arising from damage depend on whether the tool set can be fully and qualitatively repaired or whether a new purchase is necessary. In the latter case, the compensation for damage will be equal to the MOBILITY MARKET selling price.

If you wish, you can take out optional insurance against tool damage for each rental and thus cover the risk of damage compensation.

14. Can I insure the tool against damage?

Something can happen during every repair. That’s why you can optionally insure yourself against the risk of damage or liability for damages with the tool damage insurance. All you have to do is select the MOBILITY MARKET insurance option when ordering online. In the event of accidental damage to the rental tool during repair work, the MOBILITY MARKET insurance will then cover the damage incurred.

The following three things are necessary for the claim settlement:

  • an immediate damage report at
  • with a description of the damage and
  • the timely return of the tool.

Arbitrary damage and product loss are not insured!

15. When do I receive the invoice?

MOBILITY MARKET is the digital toolbox for all automotive professionals. And as it is usual when professionals work together, you will receive an order confirmation for your order in the first step. Only when the rented tool has been picked up again and checked in our incoming goods department, you will receive the invoice via e-mail.

16. How can I pay?

Currently you can choose from these payment options:

  • Credit card
  • Direct debit (SEPA direct debit)
  • EPS bank transfer
  • Sofortüberweisung

Direct debit (SEPA direct debit) is particularly suitable if you use MOBILITY MARKET frequently.

17. Why is there a deposit?

The answer is very simple: We like good tools a lot. ? That’s why we only have high-quality professional automotive tools. We like to share that, but also want to get it back as agreed.

For every order in the online shop, it is therefore necessary to make a deposit. You do this via the payment method you have chosen. This deposit will be returned to you as soon as the tools you have rented are complete and in order when they pass the check in our receiving department. This can take 2-4 business days after the return.

Customers who frequently rent tools in our online shop usually prefer deposit payment. This saves them regular administrative work when using MOBILITY MARKET’s digital tool cabinet.