Renting automotive tools is smart! And saves time and money.

Buying special tools is expensive for mechanics - especially if they can't use them profitably on a regular basis. A favorable alternative to this is renting.


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Buying special tools is expensive – especially if you can’t use them profitably on a regular basis. But when a repair job comes along, it takes much longer without the right tool. However, hardly any customers are willing to pay for this additional necessary working time.

In practice, this means that the workshop or mechanic has to do significantly more work for the same pay. Or even worse: the job cannot be done at all without tools. Rental tools from MOBILITY MARKET make all automotive repairs possible and save time and money to boot.

Order automotive tools simply online

MOBILITY MARKET has found the solution for garages, mechanics, tire services or auto repair shops to get urgently needed tools quickly and inexpensively. Just like in a digital tool cabinet, automotive professionals can find everything they need in MOBILITY MARKET’s webshop. Exactly when they need it. The special tools can be ordered directly and easily at the click of a button for the duration they are needed. The tool always arrives – safely packed in a case – in verified top condition at the customer’s site. The old saying “You don’t borrow tools” is a thing of the past with this concept.

Order by 4:00 p.m., repair the next morning

Time is money. This is especially true in the automotive industry. And when a vehicle needs repair, workshop customers don’t want to wait days for it. That’s why special tools have to reach the mechanic quickly. If you order the tool by 4 p.m., it will be ready for use in the workshop the next day in the morning, because MOBILITY MARKET delivers overnight. If the special tool is no longer needed, MOBILITY MARKET will pick it up again.

Calculation example: over 1,850 euros and around nine working hours saved

  1. Save money:
    For the universal injector mechanical-hydraulic extraction kit, you have to put down more than 2,000 euros when you buy it. The rental comes to a slim 115.04 (incl. 20% VAT). That means – including shipping: more than 1,850 euros saved!
  2. Save working time:
    If you have the right tools for repairing or overhauling injectors, the time saved is eight to ten hours – in other words, a good full working day. This is because no major dismantling work is necessary with special tools. There is no need to dismantle the cylinder head, which means that the engine does not have to be partially disassembled.
Werkzeug zum Ausziehen von Injektoren

So: save money and save time with the digital tool cabinet from MOBILITY MARKET. Make your workshop business better: You can rent your tools quickly and easily in our store.