If only I had thought about swapping the timing chain

The timing chain and timing belt do their job quietly and evenly. However, engine damage is imminent in the event of a defect.


Mechaniker prüft ob ein Tausch der Steuerkette notwendig ist

The timing chain or timing belt do not usually break down so quickly. Fixed maintenance intervals are not always specified by the manufacturers. That’s why automotive professionals check and replace timing chains and belts in good time. And save their customers hassle. If they break, the damage to the engine can be enormous.

Checking the timing chain/ timing belt and wearing parts

Unlike a timing belt, a fine sense of hearing may help to detect a defective timing chain in advance. If owners of such a car think they hear an unusual rattling sound when starting the engine, for example, it’s worth having a motor vehicle professional take a closer look. In addition to the timing chain, he will also take this opportunity to check various wear parts such as slide and tensioning bars, chain tensioners or sprockets and idler pulleys.

Replacement requires precise adjustment of the timing

If it is necessary to change the timing chain or timing belt, this means a lot of work and requires the exact adjustment of the timing. The right tool set from MOBILITY MARKET facilitates this work and makes the positioning of the camshaft and crankshaft easy. You can rent the right tool for adjusting the timing on your customer’s car easily and quickly online with us.

Rent tools for replacing timing chain/ timing belt

Renting instead of buying is the credo of MOBILITY MARKET. Because it makes more economic sense for garages and mechanics to rent tools that are needed irregularly, when you need them, instead of buying them so that they lie around unused most of the time.

Example: Replacing the timing chain on a BMW 528i

For a BMW 528i (E39 / 1998-2001), a customer can expect an average cost of 700-800 euros (incl. VAT) for labor alone. The correct timing adjustment tool on this BMW has a rental price of less than 38 euros (incl. VAT) per day plus shipping costs. The tool is delivered overnight if ordered by 16:00. A QR code in the toolbox gives you direct access to the appropriate repair instructions.

Rent tools: It pays off!

At MOBILITY MARKET, you only rent top-quality tools. If you want to buy the comparable tool for replacing the timing chain on this BMW, it will cost you just under 600 euros (including VAT). If you already have four other customer cars in your yard for which you can use this tool, then you might consider adding the adjustment tool to your inventory. If you only need the special tool for your customers on an irregular basis, then short-term rental from MOBILITY MARKET is the smart and right solution for you.

[Photo credit: topshots/stock.adobe.com]